IEOA Founders Bursary Awards

Island Equipment Owners Association
Founders Bursary Awards

Each spring the IEOA opens the application period for the opportunity to receive a share of the annual bursary funds being distributed. The IEOA Founder’s Bursary is awarded to employees, immediate dependents of employees, or principals of an IEOA member company to help offset the cost of secondary education or trades training programs.

The Bursary Committee receives applications, meets, and shortlists candidates who are invited to join them for interviews. Bursary funds are awarded to selected students based on the criteria outlined in the application forms.

Thank you to our members for promoting the bursary opportunity to your employees and we hope you will share the applications and encourage more students to apply. It’s a great way for the IEOA to give back to our own families and be able to help with the many expenses of secondary education.

Thank you to our Bursary Committee members. The task of reviewing and selecting candidates to interview from the inspiring submissions is never easy and we appreciate your time spent on this important cause. It is a dedicated committee with lots of insight and effort into the decisions and it is great to see some new faces on the committee each year helping. One of the many benefits of joining committees like these is the opportunity you get to network and learn more about the other members also volunteering.

Since 1999 the IEOA has awarded over $137,540 to students from within our membership family, these funds have been raised through member events like the annual golf tournament, draws at meetings and donations from our member companies. THANK YOU to all our members who have joined us at these events and contributed to the Bursary Fund.

The IEOA is celebrating 60 years of incorporation on June 1, 2024 and we hope you will join us at the Celebration event in September 2024 to commemorate the occasion and raise funds to assist even more future students.

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