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Annual Truck Light Convoy and Food Drive

The IEOA Truck Light Convoy and Food Drive was on Saturday December 1, 2018 and it was a perfect night for us to cruise the streets.

The weather was dry and calm and we were yet again blown away by the support of the public and all the spectators along the route. Thank you to all of you who brought a donation and came out to cheer on the truck drivers and their passengers. The food collections sites were very full by the end of the event and the various food banks were so grateful for the donations. This year alone the food collected was over 13,260 lbs and the monetary donations in person and online were well over $7,000. THANK YOU to everyone who donated what they could and for sharing with your local community to help brighten their day!

Thank you to all the convoy participants who spent countless hours preparing for the event and making it the brightest one yet, your gift of lights and cheer to the community was amazing and brought everyone together for the special food drive fundraiser.

Our sponsors are listed below, without them the Truck Light Convoy and Food Drive would not be rolling the streets of Greater Victoria. Please give them your support of their businesses when you can.

Happy New Year to everyone, we look forward to seeing you out on Saturday December 7, 2019 for the next IEOA Convoy and Food Drive!